Dreamers' Circus

The three Scandinavian musicians Rune Tonsgaard Sørensen, Ale Carr and Nikolaj Busk are not afraid to merge folk with classic in a high quality and with seemingly low effort. The result is full of esprit, sparkling and electrifying - and very much on it’s way to conquer this world’s big stages.


Helene Blum & Harald Haugaard

Denmark’s number 1 folk diva, Helene Blum, and fiddler Harald Haugaard are firmly established as two of the finest interpreters and innovators in the Danish musical tradition, bringing to life the nation’s cultural heritage at the very highest level of artistry.


Johanna Juhola

There's no one quite like Johanna Juhola; nimble-fingered accordion virtuoso and multi-faceted composer, she blazes her own colourful trail, breezing blithely across style borders and genre barriers with a captivating mix of musical excellence and engaging charm.



Kraja is Nordic sound in concentrated form. Kraja stand before you, a cappella and deliver four-part singing with a sense of form beyond belief. Four clear, rippling voices without the slightest friction for a more peaceful world.


Love Tree Ensemble

Eleven outstanding musicians from all over Europe invite you to experience astonishing facets of European folk music in an extraordinary concert.


Nordic Christmas

by Helene Blum & Harald Haugaard
What does a frozen lake sound like? A winter night in the forests of Scandinavia or a jolly Christmas dance? Helene Blum & Harald Haugaard are among the most sought-after Danish names in Modern Nordic Folk. Their program "Nordic Christmas" celebrates the special atmosphere of the Nordic winter with authentic and lovingly selected pieces and stories. To this, they invite handpicked musical guests from the North every year.



Omiri is one of the most original projects to reinvent Portuguese music. Omiri is, above all, remix, the culture of the 21st century, mixing in one show already forgotten musical practices, making them permeable and accessible to the culture of our day, synchronising forms and music of Portuguese rural tradition with the language of the urban culture.


Yael Deckelbaum

Yael Deckelbaum’s share to the huge topic of international understanding cannot be rated high enough. She is not only a highly gifted singer, songwriter and founder of the legendary trio „HaBanot Nechama“ but also one with a mission: making the world better and more peaceful. Therefore she was decorated with several awards, but none of them can change her attitude: „Let’s give this moment some music!“ You should listen, because she has something to say. (in cooperation with GRIOT)